Who Are These First-Year Students?

Morning Session – 10am, May 15, 2008

In this session, presenters looked at:
• What are students expectations and abilities?
• Overview of oral and written communication skills
• Information seeking behavior
• Preparing for the NetGen

What to Expect from First-Year Students, Dr. Barb Wagar (Director, Counseling & Psychological services)

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Teaching Writing to First Year Students, Dr. Warren Rochelle (English)

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Information Seeking by First Year Students, Charlotte Jones (Simpson Library)

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Instructional Technology and First Year Students, Martha Burtis (Director of DTLT)

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Communication Skills of First Year Students, Anand Rao (SI Program)

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Additonal Materials

The American Freshman – National Norms 2006

Snapshot of American High School Seniors over 40 Years

On the Frontier of Adulthood: Emerging Themes and New Directions

Self-Authorship and Identity in College: An Interview with Marcia B. Baxter Magolda

The American Freshman – National Norms Fall 2007

The Generation Gap Revisited

The Changing College Experience for Young Adults

Leading Developmental Models Relevant to Student Affairs

Moving Toward Self-Authorship: Investigating Outcomes of Learning Partnerships

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